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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your store hours?

12PM - 10PM from Monday - Friday
11AM - 6PM from Saturday - Sunday

Are you open on ___ holiday?

Unless otherwise stated, Next-Gen is only closed on New Years' Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. As a general rule, we will remain open with our regular hours during bank holidays.

Do you buy games or cards?

As of right now, we buy Magic: the Gathering and Pokemon singles for store credit ONLY. We do not offer cash trade-ins. We do not buy sealed TCG products, TCG bulk, Yu-Gi-Oh cards, sports cards, or other TCG singles.

We no longer purchase video games, board games, or other collectibles.

What events do you run at the store? When are they, and how much do they cost to play?

All of our weekly and special events are listed on our store calendar with all relevant information, plus preregistration links for our larger premium events.

Can I host a game at your store?

We encourage you to play during our scheduled tournaments. If you'd like to use our tables for play outside of event times, all participants will be required to present their vaccine information and are subject to manager approval. Scheduled tournaments will take precedent over open play games.

For rental inquires, please contact us via email.

Are food and drink allowed in the store?

Yes they are! We even have snacks and cold drinks available for purchase. Please be respectful, clean up after yourself, and let a staff member know about any bigger spills so we can clean it up promptly. Thanks!

For something more substantial, we recommend the pizza from Alfredo's next door!

Where are you located?

Our address is 5450 W. Pico Suite 103 in Los Angeles. We're located on the intersection of Pico and Hauser, with extra underground parking located off Hauser.

Do you have ____ game?

Our full live game inventory is available to browse online, with the option to pay online and pick up in store.

Do you have ____ Magic card?

Our full live inventory of Magic the Gathering singles is available to browse here, with the option to either pay online and pick up in store or pay and pick up in-store.

What is your return policy?

Check out our page here for our return policy in detail.

Do you sell video games?

Not anymore. While we did sell new and retro videogames at Next-Gen once upon a time, we've shifted our inventory to focus on trading cards, board games, and tabletop games.

(Yes, we know we still show up on Yelp as a video game store. We've petitioned to remove it several times, but apparently it's a very sticky category. Sorry for any confusion)