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Please note that our Mask Mandate will remain in effect until noted otherwise. This in a tentative schedule subject to change. 

We will be OPEN on Indigenous Peoples' Day, Monday 10/11, from 12PM-10PM. Our Dungeons and Dragons Adventurers League will be from 7PM-10PM as normal.

Weekend Event Schedule. No preregistrataion necessary, masks still required in store. October 15-17 at Next-Gen Games. Friday october 15 7PM Innistrad midnight hunt draft $17, 7:30PM modern constructed $5. saturday october 16 12PM Innistrad midnight hunt draft $17. Sunday october 17 12PM innistrad midnight hunt prerelease kit sealed $30, 1PM standard constructed $5, open play pokemon free 

Events Calendar. Sunday 12PM Sealed $30 1PM Standard $5 Open Play Pokemon. Monday 7PM Dungeons and Dragons Adventurers League $5. Tuesday 7PM Modern $5 Warhammer 7:30PM Draft $17. Wednesday 6PM Board Game Night $5 7PM Open Play Commander. Thursday 7PM Pokemon $5 X-Wing Legion 7:30PM Legacy $5. Friday 7PM FNM Draft $17 7:30PM Modern $5. Saturday 12PM Draft $17.

* Regular Sealed events will be priced at $30, and regular Draft events will be priced at $17. This price is subject to change based on set.