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Miniature Painting Competition


Next-Gen Games is happy to announce our end of the year painting competition! Your entry fee for this competition will be to purchase the model that you wish to enter in the competition. You are welcome to enter the event at anytime before the due date December 6th. When you purchase the model make sure to mention it to an employee so that you can be added to competition. The prize for winning the competition will be a Catachan Colonel!

The competition rules will be as follows

  1. Entries may be mounted either on a gaming base or a display base of appropriate size
  2. Entries must be presented in person at Next-Gen Games on Tuesday December 6th at 8:00PM
  3. Entries must be presented by the person who painted them
  4. Entries must be a single human sized miniature. This doesn't only include Games Workshop models, you can enter a model from any company as long as they fit the size guideline. Using Warhammer models as an example the top end of this would be a character on a bike/beast or a Primarch.
  5. Each participant may only enter one miniature.